How to Read Online Syair HK

There are many ways or literature that can help you in cutting numbers in the Hong Kong Lottery Betting Game. Each gambling character will definitely have their own personal way that feels powerful to be able to present penetrating guessing points. One of the ways that should be used is through the HK.

These verses really exist and are made both because the gambling website or other parties are healthy in making the numbers to be posted. Of course, you must be able to read about the Hong Kong lottery verses so that the accuracy of the numbers is even more sure to get.

The Words of the Hong Kong Lottery will be revealed every day to release the prediction of lottery scores which will eventually leak out. Verses by themselves will have a great deal of performance presumably stopping their use. There are several ways you can do in the steps of saying Hong Kong lottery rhymes to become a translucent patch number. Does the target know how to read it? no need to linger any longer, let’s examine the explanation.

The first way you can do in reading forum syair HK poetry is to continually guess the principle of the verse. Lotto verses will generally contain sentences of wisdom, events or incidents, adorable events. You can just guess the lyrics right away, you can guess what it means to find out about the guess figure enclosed in the verse.

The second way is to observe the prediction of scores found in rhymes. In the lottery speculation poetry file, there is also a collection of numbers that are predicted to come out. The figures are in the form of head values ​​and effort figures. You can match the tail & head numbers in the verse according to the lottery number you want. If appropriate, then you can immediately install it.

The third way is to see the zodiac that appears. HK poetry also includes the zodiac animals that fit on their day. The zodiac animal will have its own game numbers. You can apply the zodiac values ​​that are in the lottery verse to confirm that the numbers that best match your appetite can be installed in lottery soccer gambling.

Review Film The Spongebob Movie: Sponge On The Run

When Plankton states he will carry out his evil plan to steal the secret Krabby Patty recipe from Mr. Krab for the 3,087 times, his computer wife Karen said “Good. Another evil plan. ” Plankton, bewildered, replied, “What’s wrong with that?” with Karen returning to reply “Nothing, we’re just running out of space on the Failure List.”

Like Karen’s reaction, I also had time to think that what was presented in Sponge on the Run was like what they had repeatedly presented both on the television show and in the previous film, where Plankton tried to steal the secret recipe. Indeed, usually, when watching SpongeBob Squarepants I don’t really think about the elements of the story that seem repetitive, but in the end, I didn’t find the excitement I used to feel here.

The synopsis of the story actually sounds promising an adventure as exciting as the first film. Gary, SpongeBob’s snail pet, is kidnapped by King Poseidon because the snails produce liquid for skincare, and SpongeBob and his best friend, Patrick, have to go to the Lost City of Atlantic and save his pet.

Knowing SpongeBob and Patrick, I felt this would be a movie like a buddy road film where two friends spend their time on a trip and encounter hilarious and ridiculous events along the way to Atlantic City. Unfortunately, this film spends a bit of its time on travel, and this is the crux of the problem with Sponge on the Run.


The main problem with Sponge on the Run is how messy the story is, with some elements that look like they were recycled from previous films or episodes so there isn’t much that is really new. There really isn’t anything else to change in SpongeBob’s world, but the same thing over and over again can saturate the audience.

Not only that, but this film also looks like it is compressing various kinds of stories in one film. In one moment trying to tell a flashback when SpongeBob met his friends for the first time, then the film changes where SpongeBob and Patrick meet an empty town on the mainland and the tone of the film changes to western and horror mixed with comedy, then there is still SpongeBob’s journey. and Patrick headed for Atlantic City.

All of these stories are considered to have considerable potential if given enough time to delve deeper into each story, but unfortunately in this film, all of these stories seem either too fast or half-hearted and don’t really leave a deep impression other than an awkward feeling along the way. the film’s story continues.

Another drawback that I encountered in this film, which has now aired on Netflix, is that there are some scenes that feel too forced which aim to add to the excitement but instead seem clumsy, like how Snoop Dogg suddenly appears and raps amid zombies dancing in the middle. bar. Again, this sounds fun, but the result is a scene that is clumsy and doesn’t know what the scene is for.

But not everything this film has is a bad thing. His comedy, although some of it seems less striking, still manages to bring laughter. Whether it’s because of SpongeBob and Patrick’s silly behavior, or Squidward who is always grumbling, this film still has hilarious and ridiculous moments, something we expect from a SpongeBob movie.

The appearance of each voice actor in this film is also something that makes this film even more fun, from veteran voice actors who remind us of childhood such as Tom Kenny as the hilarious SpongeBob, Bill Fagerbakke as the innocent Patrick, Rodger Bumpass as the always grumpy Squidward, Clancy Brown. as Mr. Krab, who is always excited when there is money, to the newcomer Awkwafina as the robot Otto who presents a new character.

Not to forget, the presence of Keanu Reeves as a bush that often appears in unexpected places near SpongeBob and Patrick is also a moment that is not only hilarious because he sees Keanu playing a silly role, but also hilarious because his role is like a joke in itself. Often giving words of wisdom but often forgotten by SpongeBob and Patrick, Keanu Reeves’ presence is a bonus in Sponge on the Run.

As for the animation itself, I’m still confused about whether I really like it or not. Yes, the animation is very beautiful, with the appearance of the Atlantic City full of sparkling lights or the appearance of SpongeBob’s childhood camp that looks crowded and fun, but also his 3D animation seems to limit the space for the characters to not only move but also tell jokes.

It may be that the 3D creation was for the modernization of this cartoon we love, but there is still a feeling that I hope they will return to making SpongeBob movies in 2D as we are used to watching. While there isn’t much new in Sponge on the Run nor as good as the first film, it’s still a light film that’s great for watching at home with family.

Human Types During the Spongebob Squarepants Pandemic

Being able to do fun activities during this pandemic is a universal blessing to be grateful for. One example is when we can watch the cartoon we like to our heart’s content. Gradually, thoughts began to emerge in the mind about the conditions of the people living in the midst of the current pandemic with the conditions of the characters in the film Spongebob who seemed relevant.

1. Squidward


Squidward is an octopus-headed squid who always displays a no-life impression. The label is not only pinned because of his often sluggish face, but also because of the nature of indifference to something in the surrounding environment.

Come to think of it, this character fits perfectly with people who disregarded government recommendations during times of pandemics. Going out of the house without using established health protocols, hanging out with lots of people, not washing hands after being outside, this fits perfectly with the figure of Squidward who seems very ignorant.

2. Sandy Cheeks

Sandy is a squirrel who chose his ninja path to live in Bikini Bottom. He is known as a scientist who always creates sophisticated tools to help the marine inhabitants where he lives.

Apart from being a scientist, Sandy is also known as a smart and wise person, this is of course very suitable when juxtaposed with people who always think positively and try to be wise in responding to negative issues that are widely scattered in the mass media today.

3. Patrick Star

Patrick is a starfish who becomes Spongebob’s best friend. Many people think that Patrick is a stupid starfish because he is often unclear.

Despite his ridiculous nature, Patrick has high social sensitivity. This can be seen from his helpful attitude when his colleagues are in trouble. This character is very suitable to be juxtaposed with people who like to help others, especially in a pandemic like now.

4. Mr. Krabs

Mr. Krabs is an old crab known as the owner of a restaurant called Krusty Crabs. The greedy and miserly nature seemed to have stuck tightly in the minds of the audience when they heard Mr. Krabs.

The character possessed by this figure seems very suitable when compared with businessmen who are happy to increase the price of goods at an unnatural rate, even during a pandemic like now. Entrepreneurs like this are just as greedy as old Krabs!

5. Spongebob Squarepants


Spongebob is a yellow sponge that lives in a pineapple-shaped house. He is described as a protagonist who is always cheerful. His distinctive style of laughter is always attached and ringing when we remember the name of this one character.

Besides having a cheerful disposition, Spongebob is also a hard worker who is loyal to his job. The character possessed by this character is certainly very suitable for people who remain enthusiastic, never give up, want to work hard even though doing work during this pandemic is quite difficult.

Why Do Children Love to Watch Cartoons?

1. Cartoons are fun and not boring to watch.

Children basically like to do activities that please them. They are easily bored and look for new activities and explore the world in their way. Cartoons usually tell stories about children’s lives, their adventures, the fun they experience. Watching cartoons seems to see their own stories and experiences, which are close to their lives that are told in a fun way.

2. The cartoon is cute with striking colors that attract children’s attention.

Children like everything that has a striking color. Cartoon characters and characters are drawn in attractive colors, look fun, and anesthetize children to keep watching. They can laugh out loud watching the behavior of her idol cartoon character.

3. They can learn many things from cartoons.

Children are more comfortable watching Shrek or Mickey Mouse than being told to sit down doing their math homework. Because doing homework is not interesting, boring and there is a feeling of being forced. While watching cartoons was done voluntarily, the story carried away, learned to understand the emotions of the characters and guess the end of the story. Teachers or parents try to teach their children the same method as their parents taught their children. But children today are different from when their parents were still children. Children are now more critical, more questions, more freedom to choose the things they like. If the methods used by parents or teachers are boring children tend not to follow them and look for busy activities themselves. Different from cartoons, like the adventures of a sponge named Spongebob who lives in the ocean named bikini bottom makes children learn about life at sea in a more fun way.

4. They can develop imagination because the cartoon is not real, only in the form of fantasy.

They can imagine being a superhero, fighting crime, solving cases, flying, having superpowers and being whatever is in his imagination just by watching his favorite cartoon. For a moment they can live in the realm of imagination that is difficult for them to do while in the real world. They can run from reality and enjoy being whatever they want through the cartoon characters they watch.

That is 4 reasons why children like watching cartoons. But in this regard there are things that need to be considered parents, namely:

  • Let them dig and learn from watching.
  • Accompany children while watching and explain to things that need further explanation.
  • Answer their questions according to their age and understanding.
  • Try not to watch watching disturbs their study schedules and sleep schedules.

Children are everything. the pearl of life and parts of our hearts. A good parent is one who can understand how big his role is in shaping the character of a child in the future. Congratulations on being a good parent.

Free Interactive Lesson on The Four Chaplains, Heroes of WWII

In this free interactive lesson, you will learn more about the four chaplains of the USS Dorchester whose sacrifice inspired a nation. On February 3, 1943, German U-Boot U-233 fired a torpedo at the USS Dorchester, sinking her. She was carrying 904 souls, including four brave chaplains who gave their lives to save the men. After the initial explosion, men fought their way through the smoke, wreckage and freezing water to get to the deck where many stood in their underwear, having lost their clothing and life vests below. The chaplains took charge, giving orders and encouraging the men in order to keep them calm and get them off the ship as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, the ship listed severely as it sank, preventing most of the lifeboats from ever being released. Only two made it into the water. The life rafts began capsizing with the weight of so many men clambering aboard. So many life vests had been lost, there were not nearly enough to go around. As the chaplains worked to get the men safely off the ship, they took off their own vests to give to servicemen, choosing to go down with the ship so that others could be saved.

Congress named February 3 Four Chaplains Day in their honor.

In this interactive unit, your student will learn about these four brave men in the context of World War II. Topics covered include:

  • How the US Navy’s refusal to listen to the British lost over 400 American merchant ships
  • How the German U-Boot almost won the war for Germany
  • Why all US ships were brought under the authority of the War Shipping Administration
  • The History of the SS Dorchester
  • How calm weather contributed to the loss of life on the SS Dorchester
  • and, of course, The lives and characters of the four heroic chaplains

Best of all, everything is contained right here in this lesson presentation. It even has a quiz and will give you a score at the end.

If you enjoyed this lesson, you may be interested in the one I put together last month on The Children’s Blizzard. Slowly but surely, I will be building up a library of these kinds of resources to help you in your homeschool. If you would like to be notified as I create them, you can sign up for my newsletter!

Instilling a Love for Art in your Homeschool

When I was deciding how to pull together our art curriculum, I really wanted my children to gain a love for art and an appreciation for the beauty it adds to our world and the ideas it presents in our culture. The problem is, I am not an artist. I can’t discuss balance and tone in any meaningful way on the fly while standing there in an art museum, hoping my four-year-old doesn’t touch anything.

Then I thought, “How do we instill a love of reading in our children?” We don’t do it by visiting libraries and bookstores and talking about books while never touching them. We check out the books. We buy books. We have bookshelves overflowing with books. Most importantly, we snuggle together on the couch and read the best ones, again and again, talking about the pictures, talking about the text, and just making that time reading books special.

This video explains what we do with a cameo appearance by two of my boys at the end (about 5:31) “reading” the painting with me. Or if you prefer reading, the same information is written out below.

Why not teach art like reading?

The trouble is, I can’t very well check out Monet’s Japanese Bridge and hang it up in my front room for the children to touch and discuss. I have a limited budget and it isn’t going toward those large books full of art prints you can put on a coffee table. And have a mild heart attack if the children spill a glass of milk on it.

Enter the calendar.

These are perfect. Twelve prints centered on a particular artist, theme or style. They tend to be the most highly recognizable, which is sort of what I’m going for, anyway. And right about now, they are going on sale. The calendar I show in the video cost me $2 in a clearance bin at Walmart and for that, I have 12 beautiful prints I can switch out and hang up. I put them in frames so that they look nicer and are somewhat protected.

How do I teach art with a calendar print?

I don’t just leave it hanging on the wall. I take it down and snuggle with the children on the couch. We look at it and talk about it, much like we do the books we read. The children tell me what is happening, how the picture makes them feel, what they like, and what they don’t like. I introduce words like contrast, value, and texture. When we are done, the print goes back on the wall and the children will stop to look at it throughout the day. It may enter some writing assignments (Imagine if you were one of the men in that boat . . .). Over the course of the month, they will research more about the artist using my Any Artist Biography Notebooking Page and I will keep mentioning bits and pieces about the art as they are ready and interested.

But I’m not an art person, so how do I remember it all?

Google and I are pretty good friends, most of the time. I do a little research on the painting and what is significant about it. I go to Project This Site and review the terminology I want to introduce and discuss. Then I put the important stuff on sticky notes on the back of the frame so that I can refer to it while we are talking.

Bringing the art to life

Of course, this is art. You don’t just look at it. You have to create it, too. There are so many lessons online for learning about different styles and artists that I usually have more of a problem paring it down than I do coming up for something to do. Since The Big Wave is a Japanese Wood Block, we are going to learn about the process and make our own prints. My older kids will be carving up potatoes for some potato print and my younger two will cut apple cores in half to make apple print starts.

And a printable. .The Any Artist Biography Notebook Page

The Any Artist Biography Notebook Page is good to use with any artist to practice some research skills and keep a record of the artists you have studied. Just click on the link or the image to start your download.

Teaching art this way gives my children access to art, experience with art, and, most importantly, quality time with the art to help instill in them a love for art. My younger children are already asking me to buy more frames because they don’t want me to put them away when we are done studying them for a month!

Smart Choosing Cartoon Events for Children

Which child doesn’t like watching cartoons? Here is a guide to choosing the right one for them.

That is the most lucrative offer of a cartoon film for child viewers. The imagination of child viewers seemed dug as deep as possible when watching cartoons. No wonder children also follow martial arts movements, after he watched the animated film containing the scene.

Look at Tom & Jerry’s cat and mouse behavior spit out vengeance. All kinds of ways they do so that the opponent gets a reward. Harsh words, curses and various forms of violence become a spice that ‘smokes’ the course of the story.

Do you want children to imagine the style of these two popular figures? Not only that, sexuality, whether in subtle or coarse form, veiled or overt, becomes part of a cartoon that you should be wary of.

Of course, not all cartoons are full of negative charge like that. There is also a cartoon film prepared by a special team for children’s development, so it’s worth watching for your toddler.


There are Dora or Diego who shows children who are curious and brave. New kinds of lessons can enrich children if you watch films like this. Not only about content and delivery methods that are done repeatedly, but this kind of educational film also considers the matter of color, tone, and poetry for child viewers.

Television Diet?. Now is the time to look back at whether you still let your child control the TV remote control at home. Even if there is an adult at home, who is watching over the child, does the adult have the same attention as you about the show for children? If not, it’s time to start the television diet.

There are some things that you should worry about if your baby watching television alone, even though the show is suitable for children:

The critical power of children has not grown, while television makes symbols conveyed as absolute. The position of the child is vulnerable because he tends to assume that what is seen is true.

What if a child sees in a cartoon a person who is annoyed can be killed like a mosquito?

Children cannot distinguish between fantasy and the real world.

If we look closely, cartoons often feature gray characters whereas children need clear guidance on what is good and what is not, so as not to confuse it.

During the child watching, how many ads did he see? Can’t the bombardment of advertisements push it consumptive?
Are you sure, advertising products/television shows during movie/show breaks are worth seeing and hearing children?
Are you sure your child can digest what’s on the screen without your help?

Behind the Success of Animation, Animators in Japan are Underpaid and Overworked

The anime industry is arguably one of Japan’s attractions. In addition to TV series or the big screen, this industry also penetrated toys and games. Unfortunately, bad luck must be experienced by animators in Japan. A video from Asian Boss shows polemic animators who work too hard but underpaid.

Asian Boss interviewed a novice animator named Ayame Nakamura. He only has six months of experience working in the anime field but has handled major titles such as Vinland Saga and Boruto. He acknowledged that the industry lacked animators despite many opportunities, even for foreigners.

Talking about the production process, Nakamura explained deadlines and tight schedules. This is what causes the animator to work too much. But unfortunately, the salary is not too large to make Tokyo a very expensive city to live in. He even admitted that high school students who work part-time make more money.

The video also spoke with Jun Sugawara, a worker of a non-profit organization called Animator Support. One of their projects is running a low-rent hostel for low-paid animators. Some animators have good skills but don’t get proper compensation for the work they do.

The longstanding problem of animators in Japan

Reporting from Vox, the welfare problem of animators in Japan has become part of the darkness of the animation industry in the State of Sakura. Singo Adachi, an animator and character designer for Sword Art Online said the Japanese animation industry is very short of animators from Singapore. With nearly 200 anime TV series every year, there aren’t enough animators.

Instead, the studio relied on a large group of freelancers who basically did not get paid enough. At the entry-level, there is an in-between animator. These are the people who make the images that appear on the storyboard between scenes made by key animators, the middle level who draw important parts in each scene.

In-between animators earn around 200 yen per picture (around Rp26,031). One image takes one hour to complete. Not to mention the detail and accuracy needed in each picture, such as food, architecture, and landscape, which makes four or five times longer.

Even if you get promoted and become a key animator, you won’t get much [money], “Adachi said. “And even if your career is very successful, like Attack on Titan, you won’t get it. … This is a structural problem in the anime industry. There are no dreams [in work as an animator]. ”

Regarding the reason the animators were paid low, Nakamura said there were many factors. One of them is a low budget for anime because most of the budget goes to advertising companies. The animation industry depends on cheap labor and is provided by animators who are willing and willing to enter the industry.

Not infrequently, behind the growing anime industry, animation studios in Japan actually get a bad image. Workers from A-1 Pictures (Sword Art Online) reportedly committed suicide due to overwork. In early April, a production assistant sued Madhouse for giving too long working hours.

Not only animators in Japan, but the problem of animation was also accepted by Mangaka whose work was not paid for when it was adapted into anime. The most famous examples such as Shuuichi Asou with The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. He was finally paid only after he announced the contract he received to the media.

Most Popular Cartoons Ever Made – Top 5!

Many people grew up watching cartoons. Some of these cartoons were so popular that people transferred their affection for them onto their children and even grandchildren. Snow White, Bambi, 101 Dalmatians – these are just some of the popular cartoon classics.

In this post, we are going to mention some of the most popular cartoons that have been made for both children and adult populations. However, we find these to be rather corny for their completely basic and rather non-imaginative ideas. Is it possible to cover a silly story with high-class animation, amazing special effects, and first-class production? Keep on reading to discover what we are talking about.

Finding Nemo (2003)

Finding Nemo is a classic cartoon that outlines the importance of family. Two little fish, father, and son are separated after the son Nemo gets tangled in a fisherman’s web. Marlin, his dad, then starts an extensive search for his son. On his way, he meets different interesting sea creatures such as sharks, jellyfish, turtles and a fish named Dory that has short-term amnesia. The most overrated part of this story is that all living sea creatures join to find Nemo. However, this is indicative of the well-known message that no matter how far away home might be, you can always find your way back.

Toy Story (1995)

Toy Story was the first full-length Pixar cartoon that won an Oscar (and even had three nominations on top of that). The story is based around a boy whose vivid imagination turns toys alive. The plot revolves around his old favorite toy, Woody the cowboy, being replaced with the new toy, Buzz Light year, the astronaut. After they are forced to cooperate to find their way out of a seemingly impossible problem, they form an unbreakable friendship – another common motif. But don’t worry, there are more to come!

WALL-E (2008)

Here is a powerful future story that might not be that unrealistic at all. People have left the Earth because it became cluttered with corporate junk. WALL-E is a robot with the task to collect junk people left behind them700 years ago. He is completely alone on the Earth,
except for his cockroach pet. Actually, he is alone until the female robot EVE arrives on Earth with the mission to find life there. Of course, WALL-E falls in love with her – unhappily. There is a lot in this cartoon, from Matrix to Rob Roy. If you like Al Gore, this one is great for you.

Mulan (1998)

Mulan is an adaptation of a Chinese folk tale that speaks about a young woman who would love to replace her sick father on the battlefield because she knows that he will not survive the war. An otherwise interesting story falls apart when Mulan (who became a warrior meanwhile) falls in love with a war comrade. How convenient.

The Lion King (1994)

The Lion King is an animated cinematography classic that has marked the entire animated production of the 1990s. There is no need to elaborate on this one in too much detail.  Basically, the story speaks about loyalty, meaning everyone doing an honest job will be well compensated.

The Best Animated shows for both Kids and Adults

Although one might think that TV shows are only meant for children, we would like to point out that there are some amazing animated TV shows for adults as well that are aired all over the world.


Bob’s Burgers

Bob is a father and husband that owns a hamburger restaurant that has been shut down for various reasons about several thousand times. He is not the best boss, father or citizen because he has employed his kids in the restaurant – because he can’t afford regular employees.

It took some time for this show to stop with (basically only) vulgar jokes, but after a certain period of time, the entire crew harmonized and Bob’s culinary and parental successes turned into about 20 minutes of pure fun. Fox TV keeps on releasing new episodes, so we can hope for further animated entertainment in seasons to come!


The FX network is one of our favorite networks because they are not afraid to experiment. They let Louie CK do what he wants with his 30 minutes on air, so Louie became one of the most awkward products in the television world.

Their other experiment is in cooperation with another TV network, which happened this TV season, just a few weeks ago. The link for that is the main voice actor H. Jon Benjamin, who also did Fox’s Bob’s Burgers and FX’s Archer, engaged in one episode, which means that Bob will mysteriously “unlock” martial arts skills.

Who is Archer? Archer is a spy, an ISIS employee who loves expensive suits, lacrosse, women, and gambling. His boss is his hyper-sexual mother that gave him a code name after his pet dog – Duchess. His colleagues are his ex-girlfriend, a gay analyst, a fat gossip girl/pot fan and the dude that at the beginning of this show is with Archer’s ex. All (promising) stories have that “dude.” And this animated story is really promising.

Young Justice

If you like comics and superheroes, DC has a treat for you. If you start watching Young Justice with your little brother or nephew, it is very possible that you, a responsible adult, will enjoy Young Justice more than that young watcher because it has a complex story that most youngsters can’t follow. Besides a complex story, there are added goodies: jokes, witty remarks and ALL OF THE DC CHARACTERS ARE HERE in this animated show.  There are Batman and Superman, Robin and Kid Flash, Red Tornado and Plastic Man.

Young Justice is a show about a team of heroes that fall into a category: “I am not a sidekick, but I am not a superhero yet either.” In the first episode, Superman’s teen clone is found in a secret complex. There are also some aliens, Lex Luthor, metal balls that turn into flying bikes, an obsessive fascination of 1990s sitcoms that one character has, and our favorite element – Kid Flash’sfrivolity and awkward childish moments of Captain Marvel, who is actually just a 10year old, although most of his colleagues don’t know it.

This excellent show had just two seasons, but we recommend it with all our heart – find it online and download it for pure viewing pleasure.