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Meet the Smurfs!

Kitty's Cavern has lots of information about smurfs and their history. We used to be an online shop but no longer sell smurfs, we do still love the smurfs though so have left the website online for smurf collectors to enjoy.

We are also supporters of the British Smurf Collectors Club. The club was originally launched by Terry & Irene Anderson in the 1980s but now has a new Club President, TV Writer & Presenter Alan Mechem. There are lots of benefits for club members and you can also purchase new smurfs directly through the smurf collector's club.

Rare Fix & Foxi Smurf

Further Smurf Information

We also have lots of other information of interest to collectors with information about National Garages, the Dupuis range, Schonwald smurfs and more.

If you are a fan of the cartoons then we also have lots of detail about these too. The smurfs have also been involved in charity campaigns for organisations like Unicef, they really are little stars! Smurfs were thrown firmly back into the spotlight in 2011 with the new Smurf movie and a sequel is due out soon, these truly are exciting times for our little blue friends!

Looking to buy Smurfs?

Check out our Smurf Shops page to see where to get your smurf fix! Smurfs are sold all over the world and one of the nicest things about this hobby is going to the Smurf Fairs and meeting people from lots of different places. The Smurf Fairs in Belgium are particularly popular and people travel from all over the world to visit them, we have met people from places as far away as Australia at the Belgium fairs! Smurf collectors are a happy friendly bunch and you will find that often a non-collecting partner enjoys the trip as much as the collector does! Be sure to join the Smurf Collectors Club or simply follow them on Facebook to find out all about the latest events.

Smurf names

Are you interested to find out more about the different characters? Maybe you want to find out more about Papa Smurf's magic skills or where Smurfette came from; or you may want to find out who the smurflings were? Whatever your question, you are sure to find many interesting smurfy facts in our Biographies, please click the link below to find out more!

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Smurfy greetings from Kitty's Cavern!