Review Film The Spongebob Movie: Sponge On The Run

When Plankton states he will carry out his evil plan to steal the secret Krabby Patty recipe from Mr. Krab for the 3,087 times, his computer wife Karen said “Good. Another evil plan. ” Plankton, bewildered, replied, “What’s wrong with that?” with Karen returning to reply “Nothing, we’re just running out of space on the Failure List.”

Like Karen’s reaction, I also had time to think that what was presented in Sponge on the Run was like what they had repeatedly presented both on the television show and in the previous film, where Plankton tried to steal the secret recipe. Indeed, usually, when watching SpongeBob Squarepants I don’t really think about the elements of the story that seem repetitive, but in the end, I didn’t find the excitement I used to feel here.

The synopsis of the story actually sounds promising an adventure as exciting as the first film. Gary, SpongeBob’s snail pet, is kidnapped by King Poseidon because the snails produce liquid for skincare, and SpongeBob and his best friend, Patrick, have to go to the Lost City of Atlantic and save his pet.

Knowing SpongeBob and Patrick, I felt this would be a movie like a buddy road film where two friends spend their time on a trip and encounter hilarious and ridiculous events along the way to Atlantic City. Unfortunately, this film spends a bit of its time on travel, and this is the crux of the problem with Sponge on the Run.


The main problem with Sponge on the Run is how messy the story is, with some elements that look like they were recycled from previous films or episodes so there isn’t much that is really new. There really isn’t anything else to change in SpongeBob’s world, but the same thing over and over again can saturate the audience.

Not only that, but this film also looks like it is compressing various kinds of stories in one film. In one moment trying to tell a flashback when SpongeBob met his friends for the first time, then the film changes where SpongeBob and Patrick meet an empty town on the mainland and the tone of the film changes to western and horror mixed with comedy, then there is still SpongeBob’s journey. and Patrick headed for Atlantic City.

All of these stories are considered to have considerable potential if given enough time to delve deeper into each story, but unfortunately in this film, all of these stories seem either too fast or half-hearted and don’t really leave a deep impression other than an awkward feeling along the way. the film’s story continues.

Another drawback that I encountered in this film, which has now aired on Netflix, is that there are some scenes that feel too forced which aim to add to the excitement but instead seem clumsy, like how Snoop Dogg suddenly appears and raps amid zombies dancing in the middle. bar. Again, this sounds fun, but the result is a scene that is clumsy and doesn’t know what the scene is for.

But not everything this film has is a bad thing. His comedy, although some of it seems less striking, still manages to bring laughter. Whether it’s because of SpongeBob and Patrick’s silly behavior, or Squidward who is always grumbling, this film still has hilarious and ridiculous moments, something we expect from a SpongeBob movie.

The appearance of each voice actor in this film is also something that makes this film even more fun, from veteran voice actors who remind us of childhood such as Tom Kenny as the hilarious SpongeBob, Bill Fagerbakke as the innocent Patrick, Rodger Bumpass as the always grumpy Squidward, Clancy Brown. as Mr. Krab, who is always excited when there is money, to the newcomer Awkwafina as the robot Otto who presents a new character.

Not to forget, the presence of Keanu Reeves as a bush that often appears in unexpected places near SpongeBob and Patrick is also a moment that is not only hilarious because he sees Keanu playing a silly role, but also hilarious because his role is like a joke in itself. Often giving words of wisdom but often forgotten by SpongeBob and Patrick, Keanu Reeves’ presence is a bonus in Sponge on the Run.

As for the animation itself, I’m still confused about whether I really like it or not. Yes, the animation is very beautiful, with the appearance of the Atlantic City full of sparkling lights or the appearance of SpongeBob’s childhood camp that looks crowded and fun, but also his 3D animation seems to limit the space for the characters to not only move but also tell jokes.

It may be that the 3D creation was for the modernization of this cartoon we love, but there is still a feeling that I hope they will return to making SpongeBob movies in 2D as we are used to watching. While there isn’t much new in Sponge on the Run nor as good as the first film, it’s still a light film that’s great for watching at home with family.

Human Types During the Spongebob Squarepants Pandemic

Being able to do fun activities during this pandemic is a universal blessing to be grateful for. One example is when we can watch the cartoon we like to our heart’s content. Gradually, thoughts began to emerge in the mind about the conditions of the people living in the midst of the current pandemic with the conditions of the characters in the film Spongebob who seemed relevant.

1. Squidward


Squidward is an octopus-headed squid who always displays a no-life impression. The label is not only pinned because of his often sluggish face, but also because of the nature of indifference to something in the surrounding environment.

Come to think of it, this character fits perfectly with people who disregarded government recommendations during times of pandemics. Going out of the house without using established health protocols, hanging out with lots of people, not washing hands after being outside, this fits perfectly with the figure of Squidward who seems very ignorant.

2. Sandy Cheeks

Sandy is a squirrel who chose his ninja path to live in Bikini Bottom. He is known as a scientist who always creates sophisticated tools to help the marine inhabitants where he lives.

Apart from being a scientist, Sandy is also known as a smart and wise person, this is of course very suitable when juxtaposed with people who always think positively and try to be wise in responding to negative issues that are widely scattered in the mass media today.

3. Patrick Star

Patrick is a starfish who becomes Spongebob’s best friend. Many people think that Patrick is a stupid starfish because he is often unclear.

Despite his ridiculous nature, Patrick has high social sensitivity. This can be seen from his helpful attitude when his colleagues are in trouble. This character is very suitable to be juxtaposed with people who like to help others, especially in a pandemic like now.

4. Mr. Krabs

Mr. Krabs is an old crab known as the owner of a restaurant called Krusty Crabs. The greedy and miserly nature seemed to have stuck tightly in the minds of the audience when they heard Mr. Krabs.

The character possessed by this figure seems very suitable when compared with businessmen who are happy to increase the price of goods at an unnatural rate, even during a pandemic like now. Entrepreneurs like this are just as greedy as old Krabs!

5. Spongebob Squarepants


Spongebob is a yellow sponge that lives in a pineapple-shaped house. He is described as a protagonist who is always cheerful. His distinctive style of laughter is always attached and ringing when we remember the name of this one character.

Besides having a cheerful disposition, Spongebob is also a hard worker who is loyal to his job. The character possessed by this character is certainly very suitable for people who remain enthusiastic, never give up, want to work hard even though doing work during this pandemic is quite difficult.