Why Do Children Love to Watch Cartoons?

1. Cartoons are fun and not boring to watch.

Children basically like to do activities that please them. They are easily bored and look for new activities and explore the world in their way. Cartoons usually tell stories about children’s lives, their adventures, the fun they experience. Watching cartoons seems to see their own stories and experiences, which are close to their lives that are told in a fun way.

2. The cartoon is cute with striking colors that attract children’s attention.

Children like everything that has a striking color. Cartoon characters and characters are drawn in attractive colors, look fun, and anesthetize children to keep watching. They can laugh out loud watching the behavior of her idol cartoon character.

3. They can learn many things from cartoons.

Children are more comfortable watching Shrek or Mickey Mouse than being told to sit down doing their math homework. Because doing homework is not interesting, boring and there is a feeling of being forced. While watching cartoons was done voluntarily, the story carried away, learned to understand the emotions of the characters and guess the end of the story. Teachers or parents try to teach their children the same method as their parents taught their children. But children today are different from when their parents were still children. Children are now more critical, more questions, more freedom to choose the things they like. If the methods used by parents or teachers are boring children tend not to follow them and look for busy activities themselves. Different from cartoons, like the adventures of a sponge named Spongebob who lives in the ocean named bikini bottom makes children learn about life at sea in a more fun way.

4. They can develop imagination because the cartoon is not real, only in the form of fantasy.

They can imagine being a superhero, fighting crime, solving cases, flying, having superpowers and being whatever is in his imagination just by watching his favorite cartoon. For a moment they can live in the realm of imagination that is difficult for them to do while in the real world. They can run from reality and enjoy being whatever they want through the cartoon characters they watch.

That is 4 reasons why children like watching cartoons. But in this regard there are things that need to be considered parents, namely:

  • Let them dig and learn from watching.
  • Accompany children while watching and explain to things that need further explanation.
  • Answer their questions according to their age and understanding.
  • Try not to watch watching disturbs their study schedules and sleep schedules.

Children are everything. the pearl of life and parts of our hearts. A good parent is one who can understand how big his role is in shaping the character of a child in the future. Congratulations on being a good parent.