Smart Choosing Cartoon Events for Children

Which child doesn’t like watching cartoons? Here is a guide to choosing the right one for them.

That is the most lucrative offer of a cartoon film for child viewers. The imagination of child viewers seemed dug as deep as possible when watching cartoons. No wonder children also follow martial arts movements, after he watched the animated film containing the scene.

Look at Tom & Jerry’s cat and mouse behavior spit out vengeance. All kinds of ways they do so that the opponent gets a reward. Harsh words, curses and various forms of violence become a spice that ‘smokes’ the course of the story.

Do you want children to imagine the style of these two popular figures? Not only that, sexuality, whether in subtle or coarse form, veiled or overt, becomes part of a cartoon that you should be wary of.

Of course, not all cartoons are full of negative charge like that. There is also a cartoon film prepared by a special team for children’s development, so it’s worth watching for your toddler.


There are Dora or Diego who shows children who are curious and brave. New kinds of lessons can enrich children if you watch films like this. Not only about content and delivery methods that are done repeatedly, but this kind of educational film also considers the matter of color, tone, and poetry for child viewers.

Television Diet?. Now is the time to look back at whether you still let your child control the TV remote control at home. Even if there is an adult at home, who is watching over the child, does the adult have the same attention as you about the show for children? If not, it’s time to start the television diet.

There are some things that you should worry about if your baby watching television alone, even though the show is suitable for children:

The critical power of children has not grown, while television makes symbols conveyed as absolute. The position of the child is vulnerable because he tends to assume that what is seen is true.

What if a child sees in a cartoon a person who is annoyed can be killed like a mosquito?

Children cannot distinguish between fantasy and the real world.

If we look closely, cartoons often feature gray characters whereas children need clear guidance on what is good and what is not, so as not to confuse it.

During the child watching, how many ads did he see? Can’t the bombardment of advertisements push it consumptive?
Are you sure, advertising products/television shows during movie/show breaks are worth seeing and hearing children?
Are you sure your child can digest what’s on the screen without your help?