The Most Famous Animated Characters of All Time

They have been entertaining us since we were little kids, and some of them even when we became adults. Some are animals, some are fantastic heroes in different shapes and colors, and all of them have been created to make us smile.

Mickey Mouse

If someone asks us which cartoon character you first think of, the answer is usually the same –Mickey Mouse. Numerous generations grew up with the merry adventures of this sweet mouse and his friends. He is always the main character – a small, cheerful mouse with big black ears, red pants, white gloves, and a wide smile. He was born long ago in 1928 and became a spokesmodel for Walt Disney. He even got him Disney academy Award. That same year his first role was in a cartoon called Steamboat Willie and his career has continued till the present time. He was created by UbIwerks and Walt Disney, who actually gave him his voice in1948. Starting as a simple cartoon character, Mickey Mouse has gone a long way became one of the most famous icons and brands all over the world

Bugs Bunny

When we hear the famous line “What’s up, Doc?” we instantly think of this cartoon character. This is Bugs Bunny, a gray rabbit hat is one of the most famous characters of the cartoon world. His main interest is to get a carrot, and his main opponent is a clumsy hunter that tries to get him. This sweet bunny was created in the 1940s in New York, in the Warner Bros branch for the cartoon series Looney Tunes. He starred in hundreds of cartoons, nibbling on his carrot. Bugs also had important roles in the movies WhoFramed Roger Rabbit and Space Jam, where he played some hoops with Michael Jordan along with the rest of the Looney Tunes team. In one poll in 2002, Bugs Bunny was named as the most popular cartoon character of all time, and the fact that he is on a postal stamp shows just how important he is.

Donald Duck

Along with the mouse and the rabbit, an honorable place goes to the duck we recognize for his sailor cap and blue sailor outfit with the red bow. His name is Donald Duck and he is known for his sweet and goofy yet quick temper. He was born under the wing of Walt Disney and his first role was in 1934 in the cartoon Wise Little Chicken. In his next cartoon, he got company, Daisy Duck, which he courted, as well as three playful nephews that are smarter than their uncle and often get him into their mischief. This cartoon character starred in over a hundred cartoons and in 1943 received an Academy Award for the cartoon Der Fuehrer’s Face. It is interesting to mention that this cartoon was forbidden in Finland and Sweden because Donald didn’t have pants!

Tom and Jerry

We can’t forget the adventures of an inseparable duo, cat, and mouse, that wouldn’t know what to do with themselves if they didn’t have each other. Tom is a blue cat, Jerry is a brown mouse, and both of them walk on their back legs. They were made in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, and over the course of several decades, they got numerous fans: kids, teens, and adults all over the world, and became icons of American cinematography. In 2000, Time Magazine named them the best TV animated show of all time.

Examples of the Most Influential/Classic Cartoons of All Time

Cartoons have been popular among kids throughout the entire world for many years. Many people have enjoyed watching the Most Influential/Classic Cartoons of All Time while growing up. There are some that have helped people perfect their perception of fantasy and reality. They also help in fostering creativity in children. Even if the popularity of some cartoons may have diminished as its viewers grew older, there are some cartoons whose popularity has never reduced. The timeless cartoons revolve around characters that reflect human nature, even if some of these characters are played by animals.

The following are some of the most popular cartoons that have become classics:

1 Mickey Mouse

It was released for the first time in the year 1928 and still continues to be a major hit. This is the only cartoon that is featured in the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and it was produced by Walt Disney.

2 The Simpsons

The Simpsons were the first cartoon found on TV that featured adult content. Its main character, Homer Simpson, is caught up most of the time in uncomfortable circumstances. This show concentrates on themes of modern life and society.

3 Looney Tunes

Looney Tunes is developed by Warner Bros and is among the biggest cartoon series that the company has produced. Bugs Bunny is its prominent figure – a cheeky character that has become the favorite of many people.

4 Road Runner

It is a classic cartoon that has the rivalry theme that has always been historic. The roadrunner is its main character, and it is always hunted by a coyote that has never been able to catch it even once. He has amazing gadgets every time, but they always backfire.

5 Tom and Jerry

It is about the rivalry that exists between the two characters, which often leads to the cat and mouse chase. This series is among the most-watched series on the TV, and they have influenced several other cartoons. Besides the series, there are also movies that have been released that are based on Tom and Jerry.

6 Scooby-Doo

Scooby-Doo is a cartoon that many people grew up watching about young detectives who help solve mysteries. Scooby-Doo is a dog that comes along, but he is always scared. He has a best friend called Shaggy and he has influenced the popular Caribbean Dancehall star who uses this name.

7 Family Guy

It has Stewie Griffin as its main character and he is an adorable but wicked baby. He is a little Dr. Evil is making plans to take over the world while his diapers are being changed. The other characters make the series interesting to watch as well.

8 The Flintstones

The Flintstones is a cartoon about a family that lives during the Stone Age. The cars were driven by using the feet and dinosaurs were being used like pulleys. Everything in the cartoon shows the creativity of this fictional family living thousands of years ago.