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Time’s best cartoons


  Recently we read an interesting article by Time Magazine. One wouldn’t think that they would be interested in cartoons, but they have actually looked at a whole bunch of cartoons and decided which are the best according to their opinion. Many generations grew up with animated films, and some of them have even become world blockbusters. But what do you think – which of those hits have something special that would put them on the best ever list made byTime […]


Examples of the Most Influential/Classic Cartoons of All Time


Cartoons have been popular among kids throughout the entire world for many years. Many people have enjoyed watching the Most Influential/Classic Cartoons of All Time while growing up.  There are some that have helped people perfect their perception of fantasy and reality.  They also help in fostering creativity in children.  Even if the popularity of some cartoons may have diminished as its viewers grew older, there are some cartoons whose popularity has never reduced.  The timeless cartoons revolve around characters […]


Special types of the Most Influential/Classic Cartoons of All Time


  Cartoon is a form of illustrated visual art of two dimensions. The specific definition of the cartoon has changed over many years, and the modern usage has changed from non-realistic to semi-realistic drawings and paintings which are intended to be humorous, caricatures and satire. The artists who have created themost influential and classic cartoons of all time are called cartoonists. The concept of the cartoon started in the Middle Ages, and it was described as the preparatory of drawing […]


Most popular cartoons ever made – Top 5!


Many people grew up watching cartoons. Some of these cartoons were so popular that people transferred their affection for them onto their children and even grandchildren. Snow White, Bambi, 101 Dalmatians – these are just some of the popular cartoon classics. In this post we are going to mention some of the most popular cartoons that have been made for both children and adult populations. However, we find these to be rather corny for their completely basic and rather non-imaginative […]