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The most famous animated characters of all time

    They have been entertaining us since we were little kids, and some of them even when we became adults. Some are animals, some are fantastic heroes in different shapes and colors, and all of them have been created to make us smile. Mickey Mouse If someone asks us which cartoon character you first think of, the answer is usually the same –Mickey Mouse. Numerous generations grew up with the merry adventures of this sweet mouse and his friends. […]


The best animated shows for both kids and adults

    Although one might think that TV shows are only meant for children, we would like to point out that there are some amazing animated TV shows for adults as well that are aired all over the world. Bob’s Burgers Bob is a father and husband that ownsa hamburger restaurant that has been shut down for various reasons about several thousand times. He is not the best boss, father or citizen because he has employed his kids in the restaurant […]