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We are a bunch of cartoon fans. Some of us are parents who enjoy watching cartoons with their kids and debating with them about which cartoons are the best.

Kids and Watch cartoons

How did we start watching cartoons this much? Well, for most of us it started when we got our little ones and basically had to start watching cartoons all over with them – thus discovering a long forgotten but also completely new world.

New cartoons are more complex. The characters have more layers and actually give our kids the opportunity to think in more directions. Is it something to be fond of? We think so – it is good for both the kids and us because we also focus on the story in order to discuss the cartoon afterward with our little viewer. This definitely got us thinking about the new cartoons being developed for the new generation.
Modern cartoons are made for both kids.

This, of course, got us thinking: is this necessary? Is it positive or negative? Furthermore, this got us thinking and debating amongst ourselves how classic cartoons differ from new ones…and that got us thinking and debating about which classics were our favorite!

The fact that old cartoons didn’t get the large budget as most modern ones dominant that characters were not so complex and equally interesting for kids. But this has its positive side: these days when you go to the cinema to watch an animated movie with your kid, you will have a win-win situation. You will have fun with your kid, eat popcorn and your kid will also be happy.

Can you believe that Tangled and Dark Knight had an almost equal budget of $250 million? Furthermore, these days it is very popular for famous celebrities to give their voice to an animated character. Just look at some of the names: Dustin Hofmann, Justin Timberlake, Eddie Murphy, Beyonce… all of them gave their voice to some famous cartoon characters.
Modern cartoons are a basket full of wishes

These days, cartoons offer much more than a few decades ago. A classic black/white story of the fight of good and evil may have been prevalent in the past, but these days there are many more layers and shades for the kid to think of. Kids get stories full of complex characters and life lessons.

Besides entering a magic new 3D world, cartoon creators want to give kids important values and teach them to be better people.

We live in an intensive explaining-interpreting world. People have a need to get simplified explanations for the situations they find themselves in, and cartoons offer such explanations and even solutions. Their simplified stories give us the opportunity to simplify our dilemmas and grasp possible solutions easier.

Even more important is the fact that Hollywood-made cartoons are sweet candy that is difficult to resist. They are shiny, fun, noisy – they are candy wrapped.
We enjoy this sweet treat and satisfy our sweet tooth with Hollywood cartoons.

So it is no wonder that we enjoy cartoons and enjoy choosing the best ones. Join us in this quest for the best!